[:it]Logos: un sinonimo di qualità [:en]Logos: a synonym for quality

Logos: a synonym for quality

[:it]Due sale di doppiaggio [:en]Two dubbing studios

Two dubbing studios

[:it]Strumentazioni all\'avanguardia [:en]Avant-garde equipment

Avant-garde equipment

[:it]Professionisti al tuo servizio [:en]Professionals at your service

Professionals at your service

Excellence in dubbing

It all comes from more than a decade of experience, with highly qualified staff and equipment that’s updated and always avant-garde

Our services make us unique

A unique synergy of services
makes Logos able to meet the highest quality expectations

Sustainable architectural design

We take care over the design of our studios
which are all designed to respect the environment in which we live Photos

Our origins

From passion for our work, from the desire to deliver a product that’s increasingly appreciated and high quality, from the need to put our abilities to the test [...]

Discover our portfolio

An overview of the work we’ve done over the years with the passion, professionalism and quality that Logos guarantees.



Dubbing, editing, synchronisation, mixing, production , acquisition and shooting are just some of the services the studio offers.